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The Anointed Experience Podcast

Podcast 21: A Woman's Worth Part 2

Jun 15, 2021

When you value something, you protect it. God values women. And God wants women to be protected.

During this discussion we go into what is a woman's true worth and value? Although a simple question it opens so many doors that are worth talking about.  In the world today a woman's worth is looked upon differently from the biblical aspect.

 A woman's worth isn’t determined by our society or culture. It’s not found in our gender or our family background. Women are not valuable because of the work we do or because of our potential. A woman's worth is found in our relationship with God and our standing in Christ. Women and men are made in the image of God and united to Christ.

Because of these truths, women (and men) are worth so very much more.   A woman or a man for that matter worth is secure in Christ.