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The Anointed Experience Podcast

Feb 16, 2021


Nicole's interview was so powerful. She is a single mom living with MS (Multiple sclerosis).  While doing the podcast she was tired, voice tremoring due to complications from MS and in some pain. Somehow someway she found the strength to share her story.  

The love and desire she shows for God are amazing. She gives...

Feb 14, 2021

After obeying God’s call to travel to Eastern Europe to learn about human trafficking, Cristi Schroeder returned home in 2009 and invited God to use her, for the effort, in any way He wanted. 

Altered Story began when Cristi transformed vintage books into home decor and other goodies to sell on Etsy, art fairs, etc....

Feb 2, 2021

Hey Ladies!! Welcome to another episode of the Anointed Experience.
Jessica "Jae" Rose is the proud owner of Tighten Up Fitness located in North Carolina. Her interview was so inspiring. She talks about her weight journey and how she was doing it for all the wrong reasons. She also discuss her past...